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Bully fic

I wrote this last year but I just found this community and realized it fits perfectly because Bully is about teenagers who kill.

Author: Bethy
Title: Reflex
Fandom: Bully
Pairing: Marty/Bobby (in the movie it's Brad Renfro/Nicky Stahl)
Rating: R/NC-17 whatever.


Just as quickly as his fist smashed into Marty's face, Bobby was pulling him close, making calm, soothing, purring noises.

"I'm so fucking sorry, Marty. It's just's just like a reflex thing, you know?"

"You fucking asshole, let me go! Reflex, my ass. It's fucking reflex to hit your best fucking friend in the face? You're a dick."

Marty tried to pull away, but Bobby kept a tight hold on him. Marty figured he'd just relax and when he felt Bobby relaxing, he'd squeeze out from under his arm. He could feel Bobby's heart pounding close to him and suddenly he felt something hard pushing against his jeans.

"Aww, Bobby, let me go, come on."


"Come on!" Marty pushed hard, trying to get free from Bobby's grip.

"No, stay here. You're warm..."

"Get the fuck off of me!"

"Or what? You'll kick my ass?" Bobby let go of his friend and laughed out loud.

Marty swung at his shoulder, but Bobby caught his arm and twisted it around his back, pushing himself up against his friend.

"I know you like it. You've always liked it. You love it when I'm hard against you, you fag."

"I'm not fucking queer, I told you."

"What-the-fuck-ever. I know you like it."

Bobby twisted Marty's arm tighter and forced him to the ground and onto his back. He straddled his face, pinning his arms down with his knees.

"You're fucking hurting me!"

Bobby quickly unzipped his pants, a crazed look in his eyes.

"Bobby, quit. Don't fucking do this! Come on!"

Marty glared at Bobby, but his friend just looked vacantly over his head, He pulled out his cock and started to stroke himself, leaning down almost touching Marty's mouth.

"I'll fucking bite your dick off, I swear to fucking god I will!"

Bobby thought about it for a moment, fear flashing before his eyes for a second, then returning to normal. Marty struggled and kicked, but Bobby was stronger than he looked.

Bobby continued to jack off over his friend's face, all the while Marty was cursing and yelling and spitting up at him. Spit landed on his cock and Bobby just laughed.

"You know, all you're doing is making this easier for me. Why don't you just open your pretty mouth and let me finish."

"Fuck you!"

"Say it again, Marty. You're really making me fucking hot." Marty thrashed his head about, trying to miss the splatterings of cum that were hitting him.

"Taste it, Marty. Come on." Bobby dipped his finger in the white glob on his friend's chin and wiped it on his lips. "Is it good?"

He slowly let his friend up. Marty's face was red and wet, and he shook with disgust.

"I fucking hate you, Bobby."

"Sure you do," Bobby said zipping his pants back up. "Sure you do."

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