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Wit Moon

Title: Armed and Dangerous 3/?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the story, MbN is not mine. The plot, is though.
Author: Wit Moon
Summary: Jacob is doing a paper on dear Richard and Justin (Richard didn't die, he went to jail like a good little boy instead of trying to kill Cassie).
Warning: rated R to NC-17, may be unsuitable for those under that age. Cutting, murder, sex, drugs, alternate universe, alcohol, and gayness.

    “So you threatened to kill him?”
    “Yeah…loads of times, it became sort of a game between us; that conversation, my threatening him, and the rest of his I-know-more-than-you-do shit.”
    Jacob scowled in confusion, “Why?”
    “It was fun. Like a well scripted play.”
    “You said you would not have committed murder if not for him. This was because he challenged you and denied that you could get away with it?”
    Richard studied him a long time before nodding.
    “He was right, though…you did not get away with murder.”
    “I didn’t murder her.”
    “Technically, no. Relatively speaking…” He held the last syllable to show his uncertainty.
    “So what? Pendleton’s the one who fucked up and got us caught. If he could’ve held in his damn guilt...”
    The edge in Richard’s voice was clear to hear. He was angry; the wound of betrayal had yet to heal, and his anger therefore did not extinguish. It was quite obvious to Jacob that if he didn’t do something fast Richard would stop talking.
    “I heard that you two were supposed to be kept from each other in here, but since that was not really enforced you guys talked a lot.”
    Richard looked up from where he had once again seated himself and nodded with a sigh.
    “Then something happened. They say you happened. Sure, you had gotten into one or two fights in the beginning, mostly to establish that you would not be someone’s toy, but the last time was…bad.”
    Richard refused to look Jacob in the eyes and stared at a point above the boy’s head. Jacob could tell that this topic was not what Richard wanted to be discussing.
    “You…well, you almost killed a man with your bare hands. They said that you just lost it.” Jacob watched Richard before cautiously trudging on, “They said that it had something to do with Him, but he won’t tell anyone what happened and neither will you.”
    “What makes you think that I’ll tell you what happened when I won’t tell anyone else? What makes you so fucking special?”
    Jacob smiled slightly, “I. Can talk to him. You. Cannot.”
    “Why would that make me want to tell you shit?”
    “Quid Pro Quo. You tell me things, I’ll tell him things.”
    “Right.” He paused, “Okay. The fucking prick tried to rape Pendleton.”
    “So you did it all in the defense of Him?”
    “Not really. Most guys here believe that Pendleton’s my bitch…that prick included. So when that fucker decides to mess with Pendleton, believing he’s mine, no matter whether Pendleton’s my bitch or not, I’m gonna fucking kill him.”
    Jacob nodded, “I see. Ownership is important in jail. If you let them have in inch, they will take a foot.”
    “Exactly. I can’t have them fucking with my stuff, and that includes things that they believe is my stuff.”
    “Did you prove to them that messing with your stuff was not what they wanted to do?”
    “Yeah.” Richard grinned, “Now they don’t mess with me or my stuff unless they have a death wish. It’s great.”
    “Even though you are no longer allowed to have a cell mate, are watched constantly, and you can’t talk to Him at all?”
    “Well…I didn’t want a cell mate to begin with, I don’t mind voyeurs, and you’re here to help me with breaking the no talking rule.”
    “That makes sense. What happened exactly…what did the other man do to him?”
    “Well…it started out as a joke, but then he got too fucking violent.”
    Jacob leaned in eagerly, “Joke? What kind of joke?”
    “Oh, you know…the stupid, I-want-my-ass-kicked, kind of joke.”
AN: sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Things have been dying near me; animals, people, etc. and it gets kinda depressing.
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